One of my earliest crafting memories is making a Christmas stocking from a kit. I’m sure that while my mother was helping me sew this stocking she had no idea what it would mean to me. As a teenager, my craft interest transformed into fashion and at 17 I began a seamstress apprenticeship.  Since then, I have been a bit of a wild wanderer and along this path have been fortunate in the generous mentor-ship of many wonderful women artists. After completing my undergrad at The Evergreen State College and teaching at an art studio in California, I am now enrolled in the MFA program at CSU.



Artist Statement

I am very amused to look around my studio and see that my materials choices today ahve been influenced by a (terrible) summer I spent as a seamstress at David’s Bridal. Silk and lace are, and have been, staples in bridal wear. I subvert this reference and point to what is on the other side of the work. Bridal wear is focused on creating the fantasy of the perfect day that will lead to the perfect life. I have sought my own kind of perfect time or place through moving. This work is, collectively, an artifact of acceptance and cautious celebration.